Tech Notes

Rsync to Fat32 drives

I regularly provide one of my clients with a backup of his data in the form of an external hard drive. Since his server runs CentOS Linux and his computer is a Windows machine, I need to provide a drive formatted Fat32 so he can plug it into his computer and access the data without …

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Subversion dependencies on cPanel servers using Yum

If you're ever had to manage a cPanel server, you've probably had a request from a customer to install Subversion, and you probably tried the Yum package manager to install it. root@server [~]# yum install subversion Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * addons: * extras: Excluding Packages in global …

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Yum Transaction Check Errors

A client tried to update his CentOS installation on his virtual server by running “yum update” and got the following error: Transaction Check Error: file /usr/share/X11/XKeysymDB from install of libX11-1.0.3-11.el5 conflicts with file from package libX11-1.0.3-9.el5 file /usr/include/popt.h from install of popt- conflicts with file from package popt-1.10.2-48.el5 The quick and easy fix is to …

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