The Business of WordPress

I was invited by Mike Shinkle to participate on a couple of panels this Wednesday at The Business of WordPress conference.

I'll be participating in two sessions:

This should be a fun conference and I look forward to participating!

Disclaimer: My employer is one of the Gold sponsors.

On a related note, I had a devil of a time trying to find a headshot for the organizers to use in my presenter bio. I settled on an old Facebook profile pic that's about two years old. They weren't entirely happy with it, since they preferred something less cropped that they could adjust for uniform consistency. My wife dutifully scoured her albums for other pictures of me, but everything was in some way not ideal for a headshot (too “silly”, a busy background that detracted from the photo, out of focus, etc).

I was also asked for my website. Oh. *My* website.

I guess other people maintain websites. I'm usually fixing other people's websites, so I never quite get around to doing anything with mine. It even still uses the default theme colors (yuck).

There are lessons here. If you are going to be participating in public, you better be ready to present your public face.

In the meantime, I hope that all the WordPress users at this conference don't notice this is a Drupal site…