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  1. Boot Images for Arch Linux ARM

    I've been working a bit with Raspberry Pi lately, both the 3B and 3B+ and soon, the Pi 4. Most of this was originally to support a client using the 3B to drive media displays and interactive kiosks. Since they were using Arch Linux ARM, I began using it, too …

  2. Let's Encrypt with Wordpress Multisite

    With Wordpress Multisite on a single webroot (eg, /var/www/html), we can define multiple domain namespaces and point them at any internal directory structure we want. That is, we can easily configure Apache such that a request for the domain/path goes anywhere on the server: -> /var …

  3. New Site

    For about two years, I've had a "new website" with nothing but the word "blargh" on it and some ancient crap I wrote years ago.

    More recently, I needed to assemble a portfolio (both technical and musical) for types of work that I wanted to be doing, and this seemed …

  4. Background Work

    Lights! Camera! Action!

    The Big Screen came to Georgia years ago, and the film industry has just been getting better. So good, that you too can become a STAR, just like 9413, a Hollywood Extra:

    In the meantime, I registered with Central Casting, who provides Background Talent for movie and …

  5. Music

    “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

    Solo Projects

    From RPM Challenge 2017:

    Listen to more music on my SoundCloud page.

    Music from DP3

  6. Videos and Presentations

    A selection of video featuring yours truly.

    Internap Marketing Videos

    Ask the Expert: OpenStack and its Advantages

    Bare-Metal AgileSERVER Powered by OpenStack

    Open Source Cloud and its Advantages

    OpenStack Bare-Metal AgileSERVERs Beta

    Backups and Backup Strategies

    Horizontal vs Vertical Scaling

  7. Voiceover Work

    I do voice work on occasion.

    Internap Marketing Video

    How To: Provisioning Bare Metal Servers on OpenStack