Lights! Camera! Action!

The Big Screen came to Georgia years ago, and the film industry has just been getting better. So good, that you too can become a STAR, just like 9413, a Hollywood Extra:

In the meantime, I registered with Central Casting, who provides Background Talent for movie and tv productions. Yep. I stand in the background, pantomiming conversations, and try not to be too noticeable. I'm LIVING THE DREAM, just like 9413.

Some of the productions I've worked on (uncredited):

  • Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets (2018)
  • The Gifted (2018)
  • Beauty and The Baker (2019)
  • McGuyver
  • Dynasty (2019)
  • Genius: Aretha Franklin (2020)

Sorry. No spoilers allowed.