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  1. Recovering Data From XFS

    Monday morning.
    I should stop right there, really. That tells you everything you need to know.

    But to continue the narrative, I had to deal with a server whose RAID-1 mirror crapped itself. It's a legacy server, running some old legacy stuff that hadn't been converted to a more scalable …

  2. OwnCloud LDAP Authentication Using FreeIPA

    The ownCloud software is a bit challenging to configure for LDAP-based authentication and authorization. The configuration screen uses Javascript to save the settings without clicking a "save" button, and some settings don't quite go away just because you unchecked the parent box. If you configure a setting with multiple attributes …

  3. SuiteCRM LDAP Authentication Using FreeIPA

    SuiteCRM LDAP Authentication Using FreeIPA.

    The biggest problem with SuiteCRM in LDAP configuration is that there is no "test connection" button to validate the configuration is correct before saving it. Your only testing option is to save the configuration, then open a new window (Incognito mode or a different browser …

  4. Boot Images for Arch Linux ARM

    I've been working a bit with Raspberry Pi lately, both the 3B and 3B+ and soon, the Pi 4. Most of this was originally to support a client using the 3B to drive media displays and interactive kiosks. Since they were using Arch Linux ARM, I began using it, too …

  5. Let's Encrypt with Wordpress Multisite

    With Wordpress Multisite on a single webroot (eg, /var/www/html), we can define multiple domain namespaces and point them at any internal directory structure we want. That is, we can easily configure Apache such that a request for the domain/path goes anywhere on the server: -> /var …

  6. New Site

    For about two years, I've had a "new website" with nothing but the word "blargh" on it and some ancient crap I wrote years ago.

    More recently, I needed to assemble a portfolio (both technical and musical) for types of work that I wanted to be doing, and this seemed …

  7. Background Work

    Lights! Camera! Action!

    The Big Screen came to Georgia years ago, and the film industry has just been getting better. So good, that you too can become a STAR, just like 9413, a Hollywood Extra:

    In the meantime, I registered with Central Casting, who provides Background Talent for movie and …

  8. Music

    “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

    Solo Projects

    From RPM Challenge 2017:

    Listen to more music on my SoundCloud page.

    Music from DP3

  9. Videos and Presentations

    A selection of video featuring yours truly.

    SwiftStack Cassandra Integration Demo

    This was a technical demo I created for the SwiftStack Systems Engineering team for using SwiftStack as a Cassandra keyspace backups.

    Internap Marketing Videos

    Note: The original YouTube videos have been marked "private" by the company's new owners. The …

  10. Voiceover Work

    I do voice work on occasion.

    Internap Marketing Video

    How To: Provisioning Bare Metal Servers on OpenStack

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